Anger Cell was founded in 2007, but it took them a couple of years until they finally played their first gig during the summer of 2009. "Haven For The Forsaken", a 4-piece demo,  is Anger Cell’s second recording and the way these guys are performing, it might even end up being the last one – before releasing their debut album.

In a nutshell: Anger Cell plays Melodic Death Metal. The vibes in the songs vary from "Warcry"’s Gothenburg-Death Metal to "Wake Up Screaming"’s darker or even a bit Doom-ish Metal. "Warcry" is definitely the strongest track on the demo as its fast paced melodic riffs and growling capture the listener’s undivided attention. These guys know what they are doing and the only thing pointing out on the demo are the clean vocals on "Wake Up Screaming" - but not necessarily in a bad way.

With "Haven For The Forsaken" Anger Cell jump to the top notch in the world of demo acts. At this point it is time to start pulling the right strings towards the correct people and we just might be lucky enough to point out Anger Cell’s debut album on the record shelves next year.


8 / 10


Arvo Partanen – 08.04.2011


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